Who We Are.

Here at Model House Los Angeles, We are modern day visionaries. Our exclusive network of influential associates (made up of creative minds such as: Models, Photographers, Journalists, Make-up-artists, Hair stylists, Personal trainers, Coaches, Entertainers, and more.) Allows us to enhance each member(s) personal brand by compiling and showcasing a mixture of each individual’s unique skill with those of other member(s). We’re always learning, always pushing each other, and always creating. We are the webs of creative content not yet seen by the world.


Role Model Program.

Each and every member in our network at Model house Los Angeles believes in helping to educate the creative youth. Our Role Model Program will give handful of chosen “students” the opportunity to shadow and learn from our member(s) that are professionals in their field of study. We are looking for the dreamers. Those who can think outside the box of everyday society, we believe that people with creative minds think differently. Each detail has a meaning that most people won’t even notice, let alone understand. That is how we as humans create our “works of art”. To learn more about our Role Model Program or to enter for a chance to be chosen Click Here


Join The Team

Our vision of mixing and showcasing the ideas of different creative minds through digital marketing and promotion has no limit. Although we have a team of in-house graphic designers, models, and photographers etc. we also look to outside creative minds in order to come up with new and unique content. Whether you’re a model, makeup artist, designer, blogger, or just have unique idea Click Here to submit your info and our team will reach out to set up a time to talk, but better yet CREATE.



If you are a professional in your field and are looking for a home to let your creativity flow freely please Click Here for a chance to join Model House Los Angeles’ exclusive network.


- Model House Los Angeles Team