Bottle Service Killed Los Angeles

         Los Angeles California, The place where 30,000 little prom kings and queens arrive every month. Each and every one of them have stars in their eyes and big dreams in their hearts of becoming the next big thing. They were all the most popular person in their home town, what would stop them from making it in the small city of Los Angeles?        

          That's where they all went wrong. Los Angeles isn't like their home town. The clubs are definitely not the place that the most popular and cool people hang out. It use to be about who you are, and what you do. It was your actions, your swag, and your style that made you popular and got you into the cool places. Now its all about who is spending the most money. Its the generation of trust fund babies, the kids who's parents got rich because they were popular based on what really mattered. The kids who never learned how to think for themselves, and only know they want to be the richest one in the room. Those are the people that are still occupying the places that were once filled with the real popular kids, the places that use to be cool. Los Angeles was once where the popular crowd and celebrities would go just to hangout and be social, now the socially cool and celebrity crowd has vanished to the valley where they can mingle together without being bothered. Theres only one thing to blame for the death of Los Angeles' cool factor...Bottle Service.